Love At First Sight

by Alex Yañez

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A small collection of tracks ! Some recorded over the past summer when I was trying to make a movie soundtrack and some are more recent. I think I am getting a little better at recording? I'm still pretty bad at singing so that's a bummer. I hope you enjoy and show ur pals. Shout out to Cian for being my editor for this album you are my best pal. Thank you Jude for being patient with me and helping me so much ! Thnx to all my pals !! This album is dedicated to my gf <3 ur the girl of my dreams !! : )


released February 27, 2017

The songs were written by me and recorded by me and listened to by Cian.
All instruments were played by me except for the drum tracks on the songs "Time Stands Still" and "Sunset" :)



all rights reserved


Alex Yañez Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: The Introduction
none : /
Track Name: Ignore It
A lot of people
have noticed
Im a pretty happy person
and they ask me
"how are you so happy all the time"
I think i figured it out
this is why I'm so happy all the time

When i feel some pain
ignore it it's all the same
I don't ever want to know what I'm feeling inside
so in the meantime

Oh i know
Ya i know
That its hard now with these thots on your mind
but its fine cause your thoughts are now mine
cause we share
and i care
how u feel
this is real

If i told u a secret
would u care?
"of course"
Yea i know

If i told u my feeling
would u care?
"of course"
yea i know

If i told u a secret
would u care?
"of course"
Yea i know

And when we're walking round phx
i can say
ur my girl : )
Track Name: Time Stands Still
time can stop if hearts do
stuck in time just us two
spotlight on this angel
why is love so painful

that's when love was brand new
looking back i want to
ask her
just one thing
take my hand and dance with me
Track Name: Sunset
Track Name: Love At First Sight
Love at first sight
Love at Versailles
Love at first sight
and every thing is alright

Peeking through, a bed of rose

There she was, Summer's sun

Marble Skin, Pure within

If i could I would ask
Come with me and we could dance
On this checkered tile floor
Swaying back and forth along the shore
Chandelier above our head
After that we'll go to bed
If i could I would say
You are light in sky of grey

Talk to her, Just say hi

In the night, we shall meet

We can talk, endlessly

(later that night)

All alone, you and me

Together Forever, we will always be

In the night, we
Track Name: Baiser Arrière (M10)
Track Name: Don't Forget You're the Girl of My Dreams
Girl of My Dreams

She's the girl of my dreams
She's the girl of my heart

She's the girl of my dreams
I think about her every night before I go to sleep
And i know that she cares
And she knows that i care
But if theres one thing
I hope she can see
I hope that she knows
She's the girl of my dreams : )
Track Name: Litterbug
trash on the street better pick it up
"its not mine" is not enough
take it to the trash and throw it away
unless you know it will decay
help the earth that is your job
fuck you if you are a slob
(me laughing cause this is funny)
so when u see a piece of trash
do not turn and do not pass
take the trash to the trash
and litterbugs we will smash

a litterbug is not my friend
trust me i will not pretend
fuck u if u leave ur trash
i hope u drive i hope u crash
nevermind thats really mean
but I'm just trynna keep this earth clean
help me keep this earth clean
Track Name: Thank You
this shit is so hot but i wouldn't call it fire
every time that i spit i knock it out like Mark McGuire
always counting money and I'm always getting coin
i love all of my friends and if u want to u can join
see this shit i spit check these rhythms that i rhyme
I'm thinking bout my dog i got no money on my mind
i luv to contradict myself i think that shit is fun
and every time I'm at the park i like to watch the clouds and sun
these rhymes are nothing special and i know they could be better
ur girlfriend is in my bedroom and she couldn't be wetter
I'm just kidding I'm a lier but for real u shouldn't cheat
unless his dick is weaker than this mother fucking beat !!!!!